They Were

She touched his shoulder

He opened his eyes

She asked if he would like

An apricot,

Or a Peach.


Of course he would.


The thing was her.


The years had past

He had done well,

They had done well,

Their children had done well,

Life was good.


But really it always was

He could

Because she was.


He could

Because she was.


Now, his time was close

The pain, the all inclusive protest,

The noise had diminished

Into an undeniable exhaustion

He knew wouldn’t resolve,

He knew would only release to gone.


And there she was talking of peaches.


He loved her.


She touched his shoulder

There were people there

To help make his passing more pleasant.

She knew he wouldn’t want to miss it.


He had helped her be more.

He had seen her heart,

And opened doors.

And learned to allow the simplicity

Of a peach,

To change their world, with grace.


She was

Because he cared.


They had earned each other.


Isn’t that something?

How do you say goodbye?

How do you set a heart free

That has run so deep?

How do you release yesterday

Into tomorrow?

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  1. Renjith

    I won your last giveaway so don’t enter me in the drawnig. But I wanted to contribute anyway.What are each book going to be about? If each book will have a different theme, or feature a different character, you could pull that into the title. Like, E.E. Knight’s books are Dragon Champion, Dragon Avenger, Dragon Outcast, Dragon Strike, Dragon Rule, Dragon Fate. (You can kind of tell by the titles how it’s sort of the rise and fall of dragonkind.)Why not use another word for dragon, like Drake or Drakkon or Drago? And then have your pertinent noun. Drake Flight, Drake Dawn, Dimension of Drakes, etc.

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