So Simple Things

Looking out,

The West Virginia Mountains,

Sunset washing the valleys

In rose and crimson from the west.


How do you say thank you,

Not as a statement of something past

But for the future expanded?


How do you thank the mist

Floating over the lake,

Around islands in the dawn?

Great Blue Herons fishing,

Ducks mating,

In the dawn.


Not as a noun, but as an ongoing thing,

Not as a thought,

But a contribution.

How do you say thank you?


That so simple thing:

A long blade of grass, covered with dew,

A single rose pedal,

The right note, at the right time.


That so simple thing:

A friend’s love

That somehow allows a context for

The whirlwinds of your own life,

Of your own dreams,

To align with your own future,

With your own simplicities.


Like Dawn,

More simple than the words.


You can wonder,

You can be amazed,

But how do you say thank you?


Or do you simply be thankful,

And let it grow.


  1. Falapio

    Den mporo na po tin eida tin teleutaia taniia kai pragmatika itan kali! Den to perimena alla xarika pou kanan kati poli kalo gia to telos!

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