Sean and Megan


I have this thought of Sean, walking across the moors at dawn, with the ocean, a clear blue sky, a crisp free wind,  and a partridge for Megan, who is sleeping.


I think he is watching schools of fish jumping from the sea to escape feeding whales, eating breakfast in a new dawn. Thrushes wheeling in the early morning sky; a smile is across his face,  he loves her like he loves life, and she loves partridges for breakfast.


He is thinking she might be pregnant, and hasn’t told him yet,  and he wonders why he is thinking about it.


He trusts her too. (I know that one) They are building their future, together.


I think Megan, is pregnant, and just waiting for the right moment to tell Sean they really have created the future.  She does so like to see him smile.


They have a dog, Angus, when she opens the door in the morning he takes off like his home is somewhere over the horizon, but she knows his home is sleeping by the fire at night.



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