Old Pictures


There was a picture I saw of me

With a girl friend, back then.

She had her head on my shoulder,

Her arm around me,

And looked comfortable.


She was smiling.

It was Sunday,

I do remember the day.

I didn’t have my arm around her,

I was smiling

For the camera.


The thing is:

I never saw she was smiling for us.

I never really knew she was smiling.


I never saw that all she wanted

Was for me to smile




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  1. Dalia

    Eddie Payne – Dana these images rellay captured the afternoons excitement for those Brides, Mother and their friends. Your eye for detail, composition and color are amazing.The flowers were creative, interesting and exciting giving the River House a realsense of a wedding reception. Kudos to all for this great afternoon.February 24, 2010 7:55 am

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