Lions in the Dawn

Lions growl in the dawn,
They know, like all wise kings,
Their time is limited.
They know, like all kings,
Their time is not their own.
Dreams pull, visions evolve,
Visions pull.
Life is not locked into what you thought. 


Life changes.
Passions shift,
New realities demand to be created.


Like all wise kings they know
What a pain in the ass new realities can be
To create.


Dreams, to be built, require time spent
Not sleeping in the sun, or eating gazelle.
Time spent learning to know
What you don’t know,
What you only feel, or suspect,
Like Teutonic plates shifting,
Like the sense of universes rearranging themselves
In your dreams,
Like growth, unexplained,
Undefined, and
Happening anyway,
Growth needing to be known,
Growth needing to be evolved
Into reality.


Really wise kings know this,
And grow, and reach, learn, and sometimes go
Without the sun, or gazelles,
And do reach to realize those undefined dreams.


Really wise kings may growl in the dawn,
They may growl at the impertinence of necessary growth,
They may growl at their own curiosity,
But they do learn.


Dumb ones just growl,
And roll into the dust of time.

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