If I Listened to the Moon

If I listened to the moon

The moon would tell me

Back off a tad,

Listen to your heart.



If I listened to my heart

I would hear all kinds of things,

Some beautiful, some not,

Some free,

Some chained by what I wanted them to be.

If I listened to my heart.



Sometimes I don’t listen to anything.

Sometimes I really don’t care.



If I listened to a song,

I would listen for what already has been written.

I would listen for what seems to be what I already do know.

Or what I should know.

Or how to make sense from the song.

But that sense may, or may not be true for me




Screw the moon.

What is true for me now?



You know, the moon

Can be like the end of a dock,

Wood and pilings built into the sea.

Wood and pilings built

From where I do know,

To where infinity lays,

Into my dreams, or

What I already do know

Should be true.

If I insist.



You know, like tomorrow

Already said, and defined

By yesterday,

Which you already do know

May or may not be

The tomorrow you really do desire.






Like what I

Think should be,

Or could be,

Or simply a moment of…



I think wild cards,

And moment of disagreements

Hold the future.



I think what you think now

Can be the pilings

Boats are tied to,

Cast loose from,

Sail the seas to discover new dreams,




Are, simply are,

Like pirates,

What I would rather

Know best.



Screw the moon,

Screw songs I have heard before,

Screw love lost,

Or even my own heart.



I know

To love

What I don’t know,

But what is undeniable,

Is growth.



That is the future.

That is what I know.



I know I do create that.



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