There were three shades of the moon as it was setting.  They drifted through yellow and red, through variations of green.  It is not like he “saw” it, but more like he felt it.  He just knew of the moon passing.

When he dreamed, it was a tactile thing.  He dreamed of what he could feel, touch, smell, of sensations he could experience, or should experience, but didn’t. He knew he would be more complete if he did.

When he dreamed, it was of things he knew he should know, but didn’t.  The dreams reminded him of things to make true.  Things he really should bring into existence.

He liked it when he dreamed.

He fought with his doubts like dragons in the dark alleys of his life.  They remained like small vampires hissing from the shadows, even when vanquished, until full exposed to the sun, the bright life of growth.

His dreams reminded him of what was true.

He liked it when he dreamed.

He knew her.  She saw the sun was pulling awkwardly.

The moon could pull on your heart, full and beautiful, hanging in the sky like a dream, or a fully ripe cantaloupe, sweet, wanting to be bitten into, leaving the juice running down your chin, like a thought realized.  The moon could do that.  She loved it that the moon could do that.  But the sun needed its balance.  The sun was pulling with a lopsided grace.

He was called Fred.


  1. Fede

    ~I remember Susan as a very young girl cainyrrg around her teddy bear ALL THE TIME and to see what a lovely young woman she has become and to see how her happiness shines through that beautiful face makes me smile!! Best of Luck to this wonderful couple!! Photos are simply stunning ~

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