Dramatic Lives

Lightning flashed red through a blue sleet
Filled night.
Thunder howled, screaming
voices demented.

Fire through the forest
Flowed like blood down a slaves back.
Rivulets running through dust, through tears,
Through dreams running red.

Fires flowed, passions undiminished,
Hopes not denied,
Reaching for life as blood from an unbroken back

Heady thoughts, dramatic lives,
Real dreams,
Have real costs.


  1. Rachel

    You have managed to arcutilate some of the things that I was thinking/feeling on Election Day. Thank you for sharing your feelings with us. I played it several times your words are so powerful and really made me think. I’m so blessed to have a diverse group of friends. When I thougt about it, I’ve never really discussed race with the majority of them. The line about looking into the face of ever woman, child and man and truly seeing the face of a potential friend I can only hope that people can look at me that way one day without seeing the color of my skin first. You have a tremendous gift that deserves to be heard. Reminding us that we all have a role to play in this country’s success/healing ..we do need to be reminded every day! Much love and respect Vicki

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