Dear Mom


You know, times change

And lives evolve.

And you ride the pony that is yours


You taught me that.


And all of your children are out there

Playing hardball with their lives.


Really, that is how you taught us it should be.


Drawing lines

Living our own truth,

With heart, with integrity,

With strength,

And honor.


Knowing it or not,

You taught us:


Live with honor.


If you look,

You will see we did learn.




Did you ever expect less?


Now, you are wondering what happened.

You do forget things, and your hands do shake,

And sometimes what and who you see,

Are not what, and who

you remember.

Sometimes you wonder what happened to the amazingly wide world

You knew

As a young woman.


It is the pony you ride,

She is the same tricky filly

You have been sitting on all of these years.


She has learned a few new tricks, but

All in all, she is still your pony,

With a few new tricks.


Did you ever expect less?


Yes, the sunset is near,

And yes, you have no idea of what is next,

But, damn, it has been a good ride,

And your children are doing fine.


And they love you.


Less could never be an option.




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