I just have to tell you, when you said you had no interest in romantic endeavors, of any kind, especially, and specifically, none, with me.  Not ever.  It did get my attention.

I was reminded of one time fishing in Florida.  My wife and daughter and I would go out to one of those small Florida ponds for a picnic on a summers evening, cook some burgers, watch the sun set, feed some turtles.  I would fish and help my daughter cast her line.  She was a year and a half, or two years old at the time.  One evening this four foot gator was taking an interest in my popper, and I was thinking “Cool”!!  He was starting to make his move, and me, the competent angler that I am, was ready for him, when the thought hit me that in a second or so I was going to have a four foot long meat eating lizard on the end of a nylon string I was holding on to.  Now, clearly, that could be enough to cause the sphincter of any man, including myself, to tighten a bit.  Which mine did.  Well, I jerked that lure right out of the water not a quarter second before his jaws snapped shut!

That is not to say you remind me of a four foot meat eating lizard, nor that my sphincter is what tingles with the thought of any kind of communication you.

It is just a story I was somehow reminded of.

However, if the shoe fits….

The past can have dreams similar to the present.

More, I think, like this little stallion I used to ride bareback.  He could go left or right so hard you had to throw yourself to the left, or right, in order to stay on.  And he would do it nine out of the ten times you asked him to.

Every once in a while he would just go straight and let me throw myself right off his back, and on to the ground. He would stop in ten feet or so, look back at me, just to let me know it was all a matter of choice.  His choice. I learned really fast he was just as stubborn as I am.

I loved that horse. We really did get to know each other.

Not to bore you with stories of ancient history, nor to equate you with a horse, as pretty, smart, quirky, humorous and individualistic as he was.  I just want to let you know I really am fascinated by our developing friendship.

Whatever it is, it really is, simply, a matter of choice.


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