It is a funny thing

The carp are circling the deck,

Hoping for castoff French fries

From the crowd.


The band, playing covers

Note for note, from memories,

From lives they wished

Allowed enough time

For them to play

Like they believed,

Like their dreams,

Like their lives depended upon it.

But people dance.


The funny thing

Is that the girls dance

Like it will set them free.


When I was that age

I never saw the dream

I only saw the dance.


Probably the funnier thing

Is that if the Carp were looking

For baby Trout, or even small ducks

They would be Trout, or Bass, or, even Pike.

Perhaps even freshwater Great White Sharks,

It is the food chain.


But they are pretty

Carp, circling the dock

In the moonlight.


And the ducks are lucky.



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  1. Luciano

    Where is Bernard Woolley when you need him?spicydoc, thanks for the epialnatxon, but I still don’t quite get it. If it’s a choice between fishing and cutting bait on the dock (while other people fish), it works; but in order to fish, don’t you first have to have cut bait to fish with? In other words, at any point at which fish or cut bait would be a sensible either/or, you would first have to have faced that dilemma and decided to cut bait (rather than fish without bait). In any case, wouldn’t the guy who decided to cut bait rather than fish immediately soon be planning to fish, with his bait?Incidentally, I think live bait is banned in Quebec lakes.

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