Dearest Beauty

Dearest Beauty:


I have seen sunrises over distant oceans, the fogs flowing and shifting, as dreams of the night faded.

I have seen infants laugh as they first suckled on their mother’s breasts.


I have seen hearts bursting with the first kiss of lips knowing that that kiss

Would be theirs for a lifetime.


I have seen worn feet crossing thresholds of home.


I have seen hurricanes blow across the face of life

Leaving only the knowledge, the certainty, the kiss:

Life can be rebuilt.


Ships moored at docks, fresh, and broken, from hurricanes,

Crews knowing they have come home.

I have seen wives weeping,

Children laughing, strong men on their knees.


I have seen a thousand other things

With no hope at all.


Why do I see you now,

And know I am home?



Forever Yours

The Beast

















  1. Tom

    Wonderful!!! I am happy you like it!

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