Artists can run Hot

Artists can run hot,

Looking for passion,

Looking for truth,

Looking behind the veil

Of what is presented as reality.


Looking for blood,

Looking for life,

Artists can run hot.


I think the gift is not in the paint,

Or the notes,

Or the words,

Or the dance steps

So carefully choreographed,

But in the vision: The lives, the blood:


How should it be?


I think the vision is in


Mine, yours, ours,

Our lives, our dreams,


Our futures defined,

As the way we think they should be.


Hopes known….


Dreams realized.


Somehow in life

Hopes can be… how you say…

Somewhat postponed.

Practicalities can intervene,

And no matter how you would justify it,

Dreams can be put off.


Artists can run hot

All they have are dreams.

Patience can be a sin.


Talk to them about waiting

For tomorrow.


  1. Elsa

    These topics are so connsuifg but this helped me get the job done.

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