Tinkerbelle’s Whisper

Dear Tink:

Somebody forwarded this to me:
““Help Wanted” was what the email had said. Although looking back on it, it probably said “Do You Need Help”. Looking back, that is what was true.

It had gone on to say that fall was coming to the east Tennessee mountains, and, for the full beauty of that to be appreciated, in the Zen tradition of the tree falling in the woods, and someone to hear, that beauty needed to be viewed by more than one. It needed to be shared. The hours promised to be long, the demands on paying attention, and communication abilities well beyond what he knew as “the norm”, but the rewards extraordinary.

Tom had been temporarily in a lull of activities, and the thought intrigued him.

Something about this email seemed like his daughter’s Fairy Princess Books, or Tinkerbelle’s whisper. That, in addition to helping the autumn in Tennessee achieve its full potential of beautiful, perhaps the snows of winter, and the joys of the holidays would be enhanced. Perhaps the spring could unfold with historical quantities of new life. He suspected there was magic involved!

Now, the ad didn’t say that. There were absolutely no claims made, there wasn’t even a game cleanly defined. There was even a disclaimer at the bottom.

However, Tinkerbelle did seem to be whispering. She had a reputation for being a trickster, but with a clean heart. She just liked to play.

A lot of times it was hard-ball.

He was going to have to take a chance.

He thought he would apply.

Actually the idea made him smile; he thought he would contact a friend he had been getting to know, Gayle, and see what she thought of the whole thing.”

Now, Tink, I don’t know what to make of a guy who refers to himself in the 3rd person. And he does go on.

This woman Gayle I think is interesting. What does she do with a guy who refers to himself in the 3rd person? He actually seems comfortable in asking her. I think she has real promise. We should find out.

But, as this is the first time I have heard of this “Autumn in Tennessee” project, my real question is:

Exactly what have you been up to Tinkerbelle?


Tink’s Response

Dear Peter:

I thought you’d never notice! I was growing dim and my wings were starting to droop, waiting for you to notice.

The idea with the forests, and autumn leaves, was, well it was like me. If you don’t believe in me, pretty quick I’m not there anymore. You know?

And beauty is better shared!

If nobody immersed themselves in the beauty, every year Autumn would get a bit tamer, and then less snow, so Frosty would get smaller, and the Holidays less festive, and spring a bit less full of life.

Every year a bit more like a TV show. After a while all that would be left would be the TV show, and we both know how imaginative Hollywood producers are. Almost as bad as some of those clowns in Nashville. Somewhat less imaginative than a customs inspector.

What really sparked the idea though, was you. You remember when you had that epiphany about how it wasn’t how old you were that made you an adult; it was how much you realized life really was a game. So how much you played it as a game, was how young you were. (I’m sorry I wasn’t there, there must have been rainbows all around you) You know, you can’t get a whole lot done being serious about it all.

You saw that adults weren’t all that different from children, they just thought they were!

Peter, it was brilliant!!! You saw that you could play a really big game!

And I was amazed.

Anyway, I watched, and what do you know, Lake Erie came back to life, and San Francisco Bay. The recidivism rate in prisons in Mexico, Israel, and the Philippines went from 80% to 20%; kids in South Central LA were learning to read. Small oasis were springing up in Colorado, romance was blooming in elderly peoples lives. There was even a Nashville Producer starting to write and record the songs again that had him interested in the first place! (That must have been tough!)

It was really neat. Elections, which really are a game of course, haven’t quite changed, as they are probably one of the last vestiges of cut-throat criminal games around, but a cancer cure can’t be far off.

So I started screwing around with the seasons. It seemed kind of Tinkerbelle sized.

What I realized was like that old saying: that beauty was in the eye of the beholder. Consequently, you needed people to behold, and people really don’t behold as well by themselves. They get way serious. So I ran that email ad. The response has been great!

Sometimes you want to get involved with them. They are pretty old, but sometimes….

This Tom guy, it was like he was living his life trying to be Mr. Darling. Talk about a bag full of hammers! The guy is a banjo player, for Gods sake!

And you know what, before it’s over everyone will win!

You are right about Gayle! I mean get this: she tells Tom he smells like a sugar cookie, which was an amazingly wonderful complement. Knocked Tom over! Flat! On his back! I laughed until tears were running down my cheeks (spoiled my fairy dust). That was the nicest thing he ever had said to him.

This lady tells Tom that, and the fact is that she is the whole bowl, and Tom has been trying to tell her that, and probably she is suspecting that he actually means it. Let’s see if he can get her to realize that it’s actually true.

Yes the woman is a gem, and certainly we should keep our eye on her.

Personally I want to keep my distance and watch. I think they are going to figure out how to appreciate the autumn this year.

You know what? There are a thousand stories like that. I really am glad you had that epiphany: besides that it saved me the trouble, we got to move Never Never Land here. I was getting kind of bored with Cowboys and Indians, and it wasn’t politically correct anyway. I couldn’t figure out what we could play.

Turns out to be life!

I’ll try to stay in better touch. Really you should have noticed, so I’m not going to apologize for you finding out via an email forward.

Love you forever (obviously)

And Peter Says:

Dear Tink:

Well, you’re right about Cowboys and Indians, it only goes so far.

I didn’t think you’d noticed either. (I was turning blue in the face, holding my breath, waiting!).

I’ll pay more attention!

Love you too (forever) (obviously)

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