Small Pieces of Glass

Small Pieces of Glass, have you ever wondered about small pieces of glass?

This piece is from the Champagne goblets used in a wedding 50 years ago, and they are still married. It was broken when their 5 year old son ran his small car into the buffet and it fell.

The blue piece is from a glass horse her banjo playing father brought home from a tour in Wyoming. He bought it during a blizzard late at night, when he stopped for gas, and missed her.

The thin red piece is from a Christmas tree ornament that had been in the family for three generations, and had held at least 30 children spell bound. It broke when the cat jumped into the tree aiming for the bird on top, shortly before attacking the turkey. And nobody was even upset at the cat. It was Christmas.

That one is from a bus window, and I don’t think I even want to tell that story.

There was one thin, curved one I think from a thermos jug a father had taken to work every day for years. Every day it went into his lunch pail just before taking the kids to school. When the thermos was all dented and worn out it went into, and fell off, the trash truck and somehow is here where I can look and wonder. I think its usefulness is not over!

This one was part of a magnifying glass Eric Jennings had used in an experiment. He wanted to focus the sun, and he did it. He also started a small fire that scared him silly. He was five years old, tried to kick dirt over it, and then ran to tell his mother. He thought he had just started a fire that was going to burn the town down. She drove back, and the fire had died out. She was so proud of him for standing up to it she bought him a sundae at the Dairy Queen. As good as the sundae was, he didn’t push his luck, and was always more careful with the magnifying glass. He had that glass for 25 years, and always smiled when he looked at it.

They all started out as sand. The red one had gold put into it to make the red. Perhaps from the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. Perhaps Humphrey Bogart could shed some light on it.

The green carried beer from Germany. High school kids threw it out the window during a celebration after a football game. Hermitage kicked Mt. Juliet’s butt that year! They had already had had a few and were driving a bit fast, and the police were behind them trying to pull them over, so they threw the bottle out. You would have thought the policeman would have picked it up, but they weren’t actually a menace, had a designated driver, and just going a few more blocks,. He told them to slow down, and let them go. It was a great game.

I don’t know what, if anything, went into the brown piece, or how it got here. I can’t even guess at its history. I’ll bet that is a story. Probably it was a port from a Klingon war ship that crashed unnoticed in Tennessee sometime in the ‘80s. Probably it got brown after a collision with an asteroid, because its shields went down during a fight with the Enterprise, which is why it crashed in the first place. It went unnoticed because this was Nashville, and it had no cow-horns on the hood. Nashville is not known for recognizing things that are different as actually existing.

From all over the world, and points in history these small pieces of glass have ended up here on the side of this road, where life rolls along.

Small Pieces of Glass!

This one is from the celebration when she said yes, that one from the despondency when she said no. This one from a Vodka bottle some drunk broke intending to rob a tourist, that one from an amyl nitrate vile broken when Mr. Fredricks was having a heart attack. It saved his life.

Small pieces of glass, who would think, looking at them?


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