Jacob was a dog, he was my dog. We were friends.
Jacob lived for fighting and moments of sexual intrigue. After a long day of fighting and intriguing he would sleep the sleep of the righteous. I wasn’t much into fighting, but we had a lot in common. We would often snore the snore of the righteous. (I’m not sure about me, as I was always asleep, but he would sleep on his back with his legs at all angles, and snore when he slept).

David and Joanie had a big white Samoyed named Moon Dog, and Tramp had this beautiful, female named Tommie. (Tramp was this 6’7” pure blooded Hawaiian drummer who was partial to beautiful females). Now, Tommie was a fox (well, not really a fox, fox, a dog. But I could see what both Jacob and Moon Dog saw in her, and it was something to see!)

One time, when Tommie was in heat, I was watching them out across the pasture. There was Moon Dog in front, lord of all he could see, the absolute monarch over the vast, frozen, barren, tundra which lay endless before his eyes (and considering his arrogance, was what he deserved, everybody else was wandering through a flower filled springtime meadow!), then came Tommie, with a Mona Lisa like little smile (she knew that moment really belonged to her), and bringing up the rear was Jacob with his nose up Tommie’s butt (he knew what he wanted!).

Every once in a while Moon Dog would look, see Jacob, and come roaring back, and he and Jacob would mix it up for a while. Jacob loved to fight, but Moon Dog had so much hair it would frustrate him. A mouthful of fur! It really was a game to him, he knew what he was after, and he loved to fight. He would fight with a bobcat, just for the sport. He would even go find the cat! After a bit Moon Dog would go back to the front of things and continue gazing at his world of frozen emptiness, Tommie would get back to smiling that smile, and Jacob would stick his nose back up Tommie’s butt. It was the funniest thing you ever saw. I laughed until I had to sit down!

And you know what? That litter had most of the puppies looking like Jacob!

What a dog!

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