“A common name, an uncommon talent…” Akustik Gitarre

“…invite(s) me to forget who I am, and get lost I Tom Smith’s creative vision…” Tuck Andress (Tuck and Patti)

“one of the best ‘Nashville Cats’ you’ve never heard”Hawaiian Island News

“…Probably the most innovative guitarist we will ever have at our festival, this Nashville genius is emerging as a national artist of the finest quality…” Bob Everheart, National Traditional Country Music Association

“the best in that style of playing I have heard” Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, John Novello)

“Head and shoulders above most of what I hear” Will Ackerman

“Play(s) with great passion” Muriel Anderson

“Smith convinces…” Sing Out

“Amazing guitar and Banjo player.” Nashville Rage

“Liquid and evocative compositions” Rocky Mountain News

“Uniformly excellent” Bam Magazine

“Tom Smith is a guitarist for the 21st century. His driving, fingerstyle guitar breaks new ground in the fingerstyle genre. This CD was particularly enjoyable to review because Tom is a genuinely original guitarist. This review was particularly difficult to write because, as a completely original guitarist, he can’t really be compared with anyone else…This CD will redefine fingerpicking for a long time to come!” GuitarNation.com