Jessica Ford : JULIET’S WINDOW

"If you are looking for some music that will calm you down after a long stressful day at work, while taking you on a dreamy stroll through the gardens and picking wild flowers…this is it. Even though I was hoping for the songs to have more of a story like feel, with a beginning, middle and end, I was still able to allow myself to drift off to a place far, far away. While you listen to each song, the acoustic guitar with an old world sound takes you from Spanish to Folk, and from the green pastures full of dandy lions, to the western deserts with ease and grace. An artistic collection of genres played by the guitar, with hints of yesterday’s southern finger picking sounds, I was able to listen to this CD throughout. I couldn’t help but listen with an artists ear, appreciating the talent and time that has been spent learning this popular instrument. The CD takes a step away from Nashville’s current trends which was actually refreshing and was a nice surprise and change. The songs presented a defined style and I was able to distinguish the flavors as they inter-twined throughout the CD. Even though I was still wishing for more of a story line and the songs to "go somewhere", I was able to pick out my favorite. Track #1 "Juliet’s Window" gave me the need to go to the nearest Day Spa and order up a deep tissue massage! This CD is well titled and the hand drawn CD cover is an appropriate touch to this artistic collection."