International Country Music – Germany

TOM SMITH – Live At The Loft


Child’s Play – Little Dog – L.A. Traffic – Snakes In My Dreams – Shoes – Letters From Home – Edgar – Quarter Moons and Dawn – Juliet’s Window – Home is Who – Just Because – Hands – Through My Eyes – Festival – Behind Your Smile – On Any Given Night – Knife – Higher Ground


     On one of his many tours outside his home of Nashville, Tennessee, Tom Smith finds himself in Redding, California, at the prestigious Bohemian Art Loft in Redding.  His music, from the very beginning, is eclectic, ‘live,’ and alive.  As a fellow musician, I sometimes wonder if Tom can play the same selection exactly the same a second time?  Doubtful, but to me that is exactly what makes a musician with a ‘gift.’  And indeed, Tom Smith has the gift.  He also has brand new strings on this very propulsive acoustic guitar he is playing.

     Not a large audience at this session, which is quite normal for California ‘folk’ venues, however those that are present are enthusiastic fans and supporters of what Tom is doing with his guitar.  Tom is a dedicated artist, and probably considered on the fringe area of music, but isn’t that what creativity is all about.  I doubt you will hear anything like Tom Smith is doing….anywhere else but where he’s at.

     By the fourth song on this CD, he switches to 5-string banjo, and prompts the audience to check out his shoes, the difficulties of traveling in boots, and the beauty of his ‘new’ shoes which ain’t boots.  Funny. 

     He stays on banjo to demonstrate the result of a ‘story’ about Edgar, Santa’s ‘front-man’ elf.  Quarter Moons and Dawn is also on banjo, but he slips back to guitar on Juliet’s Window.  By the time he gets to “Behind Your Smile” he is regaling his audience with his experiences playing in Iowa.  For 5,000 tractor drivers who don’t want to hear anything other than Hank Snow songs.  I wonder where he is?  Anyway, he has survived that experience, to not only get those tractor drivers to listen to him, but to actually like what he does.  That’s what I call progress.

     For anyone who likes eclectic music, new and different ways to play the guitar and banjo, stories about gun fights and robbery….’today’, this is the CD for you. 


Bob Everhart