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To look at the world through Tom’s eyes, how he lives life makes sense, and his actions, really, are very logical. However Tom’s eyes are poet’s eyes, a storyteller’s eyes.

They really are very different eyes.

Through Tom’s eyes an album becomes a snap shot of moments in time, a statement of a period of life. Musical Pictures: the end of an era. Little dog: the reconnection with his musical muse. On Any Given Night: the evolution of a live /touring style. Juliet’s Window: a reaffirmation of life, of faith, the ability to love. Jack Rabbit: almost a story woven from  many stories of lives, visions, and peoples’ dreams, Live@theLoft: capturing an intimate evening with a small room.

Tom, what to say about Tom? Currently he is on what he refers to as “The Great Walk-about”. He is out and playing around the country, big shows small shows, a lot of shows, for a lot of people. Evolving, deepening, developing his personal style of simply talking with his audience, and playing his heart out. How personal can it go? How much life can it hold?

Horizons, always horizons, and that curiosity about life and the people who live it.

Steinbeck did that with Travels With Charlie, Dylan seems never to have even slowed down, Tuck and Patti, their continually deepening evolutions of phrasing and connection communicating their passion, their lives.

Tom is keeping good company.

Since the “Great Walkabout” Tom has completed and released an album titled “Shades of the Moon”, it features new music, and spoken word pieces.

He also has a book titled Riki, which is a facinating collection of Aesop like stories, and is in editing now. To accompany Riki there will be an album of the same name being developed.