Sun and Sand

To live in this world of sun and sand
The glare can blind

The things you see

Tigers feasting on babies
Under the banyan trees
It the meadows of spring

While priests dance
And Doctors sell pills
That only bury the pain

But not relieve it
Do nothing
To change it

Knowing they sell lies,
Destroy lives
Kill dreams
For a profit.

Sun and sand

Innocence traded for a loaf of bread
Dreams sold
To beings told
They were not as beautiful
Or as free
As they dare believe
But know,
In their hearts
They are

Some days that is what you see.

You see the beauty of a heart
Carried in a life
Lived by a soul
That no longer sees how beautiful
They truly are

They just forgot
And then fight
Their own memory
Of their own dream
Of what they know
Is true.

Life lived under
An unforgiving sun
Wandering in the drifting sand

I can be called a hard man
Insensitive to the hopes
Or the needs
Or the dreams
Of others

I have been called a lot of things
True and not
Most days I would choose
A side of things
A way to see
A way to know
What you would rather see
What you do know
Is true

To hope
To smile
To dream
To reach

To believe
To see
The truth in yourself.

The honor in
Your own heart

We both know it is there.

Some days I am
Simply blinded
By the sun and sand

Some days
I am ineffective

And, then,
There is tomorrow.

We are,
Or can be
And alive
Can hope
Can dream
Can learn
Can grow
Can build.

Do love

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