With a period is a statement
With a exclamation point
Is excitement
With a question mark
Is a hesitation
With all of these
Is your heart.

The truth that you know
That burns
That only the future
Can show

Only realized hopes
Can grow
What only your heart
Can prove to be true

It is up to you
To believe what you want
To believe
In you

To believe
Enough to build
To be something you can see.

To believe enough in you

And believe should be true
And make it so.

What would you rather
Show your children
Or grandchildren

What their dreams
Could be
With enough courage
To be
What they knew was true

Or what was
Simply safe
To call a life.
Simply safe

What should
Your legacy be
Safe enough,

Or safe enough to know
Your dreams
Deserve your effort
Your blood
Your truth
Your heart
Your passion necessary
To build the future

The legacy of your heart
Your integrity
Your truth
Into the future

Your truth
Is important

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