New Years Wish

People speak of lives, and hope.
People send wishes hollow
with empty dreams, and acceptable social statements.

Life is lived out on the end of what you think your dreams could be.

But hope they might be.

I would wish for you,
In this new year,
to step beyond whatever
you ever thought possible.

To love, like your life depended upon it, with an abandon,
like it is your birthright!

And dream, like it is your birthright.

These things are your birthrights.

And to set those dreams free
to sail the world,
to sail the world and pillage.

And demand they bring home what you could, and did, hope for.
Dream for.

What is in your heart,
and would bring you joy.

Those are your birthrights!

I would, and do, wish for you
in this new year,
to grasp, and hold dear,
everything you ever thought
was yours.
In your wildest dreams.


  1. Sandra

    No brawo. Pierwsze zdjęcia były takie sobie, każde kolejne coraz lepzse.(Bravo. First pictures was not more than decent, any subsequent is better and better)

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