Real Pirates

Real Pirates sail with the truth

They sail into the wind with the moon in their teeth, and the sheets drawn tight, through the hurricanes and doldrums, simply because they are there.

They are out on the bowsprit with the stars in their eyes.

They sail with or without crews, and they wander the seas because they were born there.

Real Pirates, real Pirates.

Real Pirates love simply because to love is to give, and to care.

Real Pirates do everything with everything they have.

After a while they forget they need love too.

After a while they don’t expect anymore anyone on the bowsprit with them.

They be Pirates, they be cause to hide your daughters and bury your gold, they be pirates.

Real Pirates, started off in knickers and playing catch with their fathers on a summer day in the park, and learned to wonder what girl was going to teach them to dance.

They started off to teach history, and learned it was their job to make it.

And that their heart sang with the life of it, and the mainland fell far behind.
And that was the cost of it.

Real Pirates sail with the truth, and by the time it is time to pay the piper, all they have is their blood.

Children wonder about real Pirates, women may sigh.

They may all glance at the Icon, and wonder about the stories.

That’s what real Pirates do.

Real Pirates may learn not to expect, but never forget
they want someone out on that bowsprit too.

Real Pirates sail with the truth,

sometimes the truth is a hard line.
Even for them.


  1. Hamid

    Haricot, I haven’t done any sailing since then, if I was not msktaien Ji Fung was stranded/ran aground at one point. Haha, I am far from being an experienced sailor, I would consider myself a teenage cadet who spent a week on a sail boat who showed some promise. My sailing career of course is still way ahead of me. You once owned a Fireball sailboat? I am very impressed!

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