People Dream

You know, people sing songs, and dream dreams, and in the press of the day to day of living their songs continue to be sung, and dreams continue to be dreamt.

Or not.

All of that is contingent on the strength of their song, and how they deal with their life.

You can see them in stores, or on the street. You can see them shopping for new cars, or trying on shoes. You can see it in the way they smile, or talk with each other. You can see it in the way they look at a sunset.

Do they dream?

Do their dreams have happy endings?

Is their life a battleground, littered with advisories who were other people they thought were “the enemy”, or are their struggles with those aspects of life they could effectively learn to control and handle, which were based in their own concept of living?

You can see it, if you look. You can even see it in yourself.

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