Dear Dear Heart

Dear Dear Heart:

What a fascinating life we live. Carried by vehicles of our own creations; consumed by dreams of our own construction; fueled by our own desires.

Traveling a road mapped by our own truths, guided by a star that leads and wanders, and leads, guides us through the swamps of our nightmares and fears, toward, always forward, always reaching, for our wildest dreams.

I have known my muse my entire adult life. I wondered who she was for most of this lifetime prior to our actual introduction.

An interesting combination of infinite patience, and a hair trigger, she has never lied to me, never deceived me, and never hesitated to let me know her extreme displeasure if I doubted her direction. Even with a glance, or a momentary hesitation.

She also has never said it would be easy.

She has this beguiling, totally enthralling, amazing smile when I get it right.

She does have my absolute dedication.

From what I know of you, you have met her brother.

We both have ended up out of gas on the other side of Jupiter, simply following directions.

With our queries to said impetuous muse answered with a shrug and a very true “I never said I was always right”, we have been, at times left to our own devices as to how to get home.

Wherever that may be.

We have paid our taxes, licked our wounds, and carried it on from there.

How is that for a sketch of your life?

A wild guess based on my own autobiography and what I know of you.

Close enough for Jazz?

Anyway, I think all I am trying to say is tear it up kid. Stay honest, and burn the bridges.

I got your back.

All of My Love


  1. Nas

    Sometimes a single word can make a good day a fuluboas day. I have known since 1986 that Throwing Muses Gotta have all disks as well as Kristin Hersh. Never got to see them on stage. Have you thought would not return. Knowing that they are composing and recording, let me happily waiting for more editing songs of devotion and want to finally attend a concert yours. What a fantastic day today. Thank you for returning.

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