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Most of what I am doing as it happens is on facebook. There is a book, "Riki", which is in "editing" and publishing, shows and tours are being setup.
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“There’s thirteen hundred and fifty two guitar pickers in Nashville” – lyrics from “Nashville Cats,” a hit song by the Lovin’ Spoonful. But none play like acoustic guitar and banjo master Tom Smith.

Tom doesn’t play music in the conventional sense; Tom plays in thoughts. He is a communicator of emotional stories of living. Tom does it with his mastery of his instruments and his spoken word pieces. He does it with a passion, honesty, and integrity some believe is lost in the current era of virtual realities and mass markets.

Tom’s latest album Shades of the Moon is a melodic and rhythmic musical virtuosity combined with the insight and depth of the spoken word. When you think “outside the box” and then step outside of that box, you will feel the range of emotions expressed in this unique collection of music and words. It’s an auditory journey to be felt as well as heard.

When you witness a Tom Smith performance, you will also discover his “heart.”

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Our Town Celebrating Volunteerism

Resources, really, are more than money. In their purest sense, I think the most valuable resource is the willingness of people to bring about change.

The willingness of people to change their own lives, so they can help to bring a change in the world is perhaps the most valuable resource in existence.

The most valuable resource in existence is you.

Join us for this show.

Let’s up our game.

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