Candles and Flames

There is the candle,

And there is the flame.


There is what you see,

And there is what you dream.


You will run out of candle

Before you run out of flame.


It seems so simple

The dreams

They are alive, and turning

Dancing and growing.


Branches and leaves reaching for the sun,

Fruits, picked and eaten,

Or falling to the ground.


All defined by choices.


Choices defined by dreams.


Choices driven by desires,

Choices driven by anguish,

Choices driven by thoughts of what you know is true,

For you.


Choices driven by flame,

Choices driven, with heart.


Candles do burn,

Flame is eternal.


You will run out of candle

Before you run out of flame.


This is really not a sad song,

Or even,

Given the greater view,




If you build today,

You do have tomorrow.


If you run out of candle…

You are the flame.


It really is

Very simple.

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