“Sing Out” Magazine Review’s “Juliet’s Window.”

“Sing Out” Magazine Review’s “Juliet’s Window.”
“Sing Out” Magazine’s spring 2007 review:
“Juliet’s Window”

“Tom’s newest release, “Juliet’s Window” was just reviewed in the spring 2007 issue of “Sing Out!” magazine. “Tennessee-based Tom Smith, an accomplished acoustic guitarist, banjoist and composer, has been making music for more than three decades. First appearing on the Northern California folk scene in the 1970’s, he’s gone on to perform cross-country — sharing stages with the likes of Odetta, John Hammond, Jr., Dave Van Ronk and Jesse Winchester. “Often compared with contemporaries like Leo Kottke and John Fahey, he has a style all his own that reflects Blues, Jazz (I hear a lot of Monk and Mingus) and early Country influences as well as Beethoven and Bach. “His finger-picking technique, classical in origin, ranges broadly across the fretboard and combined with his characteristically fleet and clean, uncluttered arrangements explores a heady variety of moods from song to song. From the richly nuanced and flowing, bi-tonal banjo sound on the opening “Juliet’s Window” and the dense, mesmerizing “Paper Dragons” to the playful, splashy abandon of “Child’s Play” and the Fahey-like “Like Roses in the Night” with its vivid tempo shifts and intricate, occasionally frantic note patterns, Smith convinces. “The other two banjo songs are worth noting as well. “On Any Given Night” possesses an almost heraldic sense of discovery with its use of fluctuating dynamics proving most effective while the closing “Pennies to the Party” has the charged feel of a square dance reel with Smith’s sparkling finger-work. Other listener-friendly originals include the slide guitar driven “Some Other Blues (for Some Other Lady)” and the contemplative, impressionistic “After the Past.” Gee, Fahey would have loved Smith’s sing titles. “Emotionally warm music you can let your imagination run wild with. Smith also has three other albums available from his website, all also recommended.” — GvonT Tom Smith’s music can be heard and purchased at http://www.TomSmithGuitar.com/listen.html or at CDBaby.com”